Monday, October 31, 2005

How the Grinch stole Halloween

A Newton, MA, school has canceled Halloween because three (3) parents complained. Now, I'm as Christian as they come, but I don't think celebrating this holiday is going to turn our society into something out of The Wicker Man. What's next? Getting rid of Saturnalia?

Later in the year the school plans a costume celebration in which teachers and perhaps students will be encouraged to dress as their favorite literary characters.

Yeah, that's gonna be a lot of fun.


Law Fairy said...

I bet they'll be especially proud of that one when the principal and their star pupil show up as Humbert Humbert and Lolita.

Micah said...

You just know that there are going to be hundreds of Harry Potters running around that school. Maybe there'll be a small pocket of dorky Frodos.

Law Fairy said...

Ha! Bet the school didn't think about the fact that "literary" includes books that are movies!

Micah said...

Or even novelizations of movies.

jasdye said...

is this a grade school, right?

"Who are you supposed to be in that phallic costume?"

"I'm Moby Di--mmmmmmmmm."

"Ok, party's over!"