Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Great Things About Being Micah

I love pop culture lists, especially if they include snarky commentary. VH-1's "I Love the (insert decade here)" specials are right up my alley. Ego Trip's Book of Rap Lists and Big Book of Racism! are fun reads. I'm a sucker for meaningless and arbitrary best/worst pieces in magazines. Well, I found another good one: "Great Things About Being...", Bravo's new five part special. Each one is devoted to a different topic: blonde, red state, queer, fat, and 30.

Hey, I'm 3 out of 5. That ain't bad.


Law Fairy said...

Psh! As if there's a need to tell people what's great about being blonde.

I love the VH1 "I love" series -- except that the 90s were pushing it. It's just too soon, man. I mean, there are people who saw Titanic a million times in the theater who aren't even adults yet. I don't mean me. I'm an adult now.

I am a huge fan of that one guy, though. I can never remember his name. Ian Michael Black??

Anonymous said...

Michael Ian Black.

And Micah, you sure are one queer, blonde bastard.

Micah said...

law fairy - So you sold out to The Man and ditched the purple streaks? And I agree and "I Love the 90s" - funny, but too soon. Like a joke about Daniel Horowitz's dead wife.

Michael Ian Black is great. He ruled on "The State." He ruled on "Ed." He ruled on "Stella." He rules on those Sierra Mist commercials. My man plain rules.

dubin - I'm fabulous.

Kate The Great said...

When are they going to come out with It's great to be Bitchy, Poor, In the penal system, or An Oprah book club reader?

And yes, being blonde is fabulous, too.