Friday, October 14, 2005

That's totally smurfed up.

WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE SMURF CHILDREN?! A new UNICEF ad campaign shows Smurf Village being bombed while the Smurfs flee in terror. Smurfette even dies. With the lone female dead, how are they supposed to repopulate?

Conveniently missing from the TV spot are images of Gargamel's rape rooms or any hint of his Final Solution-esque plan to eradicate the inferior blue race.

EDIT: The above picture is just screaming to be my desktop wallpaper. Anyone know where I can find a really big version of it?


Anonymous said...

Do they really believe showing bombed smurfs will end all war?

spydrz said...

I believe the word is "resmurfulate."

Anonymous said...

George Bush doesn't care about blue people.

Micah said...

chtshp - War is never the answer. Hitler was a perfectly reasonable man who would've been brought down to his knees via economic sanctions and a harsh tongue lashing from Churchhill. And that Holocaust thingy - it never happened.

spydrz - Go smurf yourself.

dubin - Will I see you at the Million Smurf March tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't miss an appearance by the SmurfRev. Smurfis Smurfakhan!!

Micah said...

Come to think of it, Smurfakahn is onto something: Gargamel blew up the levees.