Sunday, October 16, 2005

Micah World fall movie preview

Well, it's not a preview per se, since some of these movies are already out, but here's what's on my list (in no particular order):

1. Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit (out now): The W&G short films are hilarious and Chicken Little was damn funny. Looking forward to getting out to the theater for this one.

2. Elizabethtown (out now): From the description, it sounds a lot like Garden State. I absolutely love that movie, but I'll give this one a chance.

3. Serenity (out now): I want to see this, but feel I should watch all of the TV series first. So, I may have to catch this on DVD somewhere down the line.

4. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (out now): I've blogged about this movie and my wussiness regarding "Satan movies", but have yet to see it. Maybe I'll be in the Halloween spirit and head to the theater. I still have yet to see The Nightmare Before Christmas.

5. Corpse Bride (out now): Tim Burton. Johnny Depp. Stop-motion animation. Necrophilia. Yeah, I'm so there.

6. Waiting (out now): I've been a fan of Ryan Reynolds since "Two Guys and a Girl." This looks like Office Space, only with more dick and fart jokes.

7. The Baxter (out now?): A romantic comedy revolving around the prototypical "nice guy." It got a beat down from the critics, but this movie is a product of the brain trust behind "The State," "Stella," and Wet Hot American Summer, so it naturally made my list. I think it's come and gone, so this looks like a rental.

8. Shopgirl (Oct. 21): Maybe this is foolish, but I'm hoping that Steve Martin will someday go back to making good movies. Could this be this year's Lost in Translation?

9. Jarhead (Nov. 4): I'm prepared to see an anti-war movie (this is Hollywood, after all), but the trailer has me hooked.

10. Walk the Line (Nov. 18): As I am a huge Johnny Cash fan, this is probably my most anticipated movie of the season. The poster is great. I'll be buying that someday, I'm sure.

11. Just Friends (Nov. 23): The aforementioned Ryan Reynolds in a fat suit and a title phrase I've heard too many times. Sold.

12. The Weather Man (Oct. 28): I'll see pretty much anything Nicolas Cage is in.

Just as I didn't see everything on my summer movie list, I'll likely not see everything posted above. But I'm going to try.


jasdye said...

the curse of the were-rabbit was shockingly funny.

of course, i'm a lame.

Bond Hunter said...


Nice to see another movie fan.

Don't know if you know about, its a cool movie based game, but they give you great informaton on upcoming movies.

I added you to my bookmarks. Look forward to seeing more!

Micah said...

jsdye - I'm thinking that's the first movie on my list that I'll go out and see. I have yet to hear anything bad about it.

bond hunter - Thanks for stopping by. I've been playing HSX for years. My current balance is $20.5 million (I got in on the new Superman for $3.63/share). If only that was real...

jasdye said...


is this a new type of spam?

oh, no meat in the whole movie. and at this stage right now, that would definitely be a negative.