Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The closest I'll ever come to being a junkie

Nerd Alert! I have a problem. X-Men Legends has completely consumed my life. It's weird - I don't play video games all that often, but for some reason (my inner comic book geek), I'm hooked on this one. I lost my three day weekend to the game, with breaks only to attend a party, pick up a pizza, and watch a little Skinemax. Calls and e-mails have gone unreturned. My health and well being has been disregarded. Things on my "To Do" list have remained unaccomplished. I stayed up way too late last night, knowing full well I had to get up early for work. Really, though, I can quit playing anytime I want. First Colossus must destroy this Sentinel.


spydrz said...

You should definitely check out the new pic on my blog.

Anonymous said...

A wheel barrel full of tacos should provide adequate sustenance for the "Dr. Who" marathon.

Micah said...

CB - You know, the new issues of FHM and Playboy came in the mail yesterday and instead of immediately flipping through the pages to look at women in various states of undress, I just played my game. I put the blame on the PS2's radiation destroying my libido rather than being gay.

dubin - Are you the creator of "Hi & Lois"? Because you are making me laugh.

jasdye said...

isn't this whole site a Nerd Alert?

no offense. but as you said in THE OTHER POST, it takes one to know one (in this case, nerds. i cannot speak for your relationship with CB. ohhh, i'm gonna pay for this one.)